The Reality of Homelessness

 We meet them on the sidewalk, see them on the street corner
and living under I-10. At times we turn away. Other times
we look them in the eye, smile and lend a helping hand.
Homelessness in New Orleans is part of our community.
Hundreds, even thousands, of men, women and children find
themselves daily living on the streets. Whether the result of
poor personal choices or the result of choices made for them
by others, each person has a name and a lending hand needs
to be extended.


Our Origins

Twenty five years ago (1989), The New Orleans Mission,
Inc. was established to address the needs of those living on
the streets. The Mission focused primarily on men during
the first ten years by providing overnight shelter, daily meals,
and spiritual guidance for up to 80 guests daily. Prior to
Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans community rallied to
help and the Mission had 28,000 supporters. However, after
Hurricane Katrina, the number plummeted to around 2000
supporters. For approximately a decade, the Mission worked
hard to simply provide minimum services and make ends

But in 2011, the Board of the New Orleans Mission
appointed fresh, new leadership to the Mission. Going far
beyond providing food and shelter, an expanded vision was
formed to significantly extend the reach and impact of those
being served.


The Mission is serving more people than ever before.
They’re receiving services that are helping them address the
physical, social, mental and spiritual areas of their life. This
is all being done through the Mission’s intentionality with
three “R’s”:


• Going to the highways and byways of New Orleans to
offer hope to the hurting and literally rescuing them
from the street
• Feeding over 250,000 hot meals a year
• Providing shelter for over 200 men and 32 women


• Providing mental health and addiction counseling to
get men and women back on track
• Offering life skills through a mentor program focused
on instilling healthy, intimate relationships through
opening up people’s hearts and lives to each other
• Providing discipleship training to help men and women
once again lead a disciplined life that is productive


• Offering vocational training resulting in men and
women being productive through volunteering and
work in society
• Providing transitional housing for men and women
needing to learn independent living and giving skills
• Connecting residents to churches where there is a
healthy sense of family for one to lean on in trouble
Today, the Mission is the largest faith-based private service provider to the
homeless population of New Orleans. Serving the homeless population
and economically disadvantaged residents as far as the southern coastal
parishes of St. Tammany, lower Jefferson, St. Bernard, Terrebonne,
Plaquemines, and Lafourche, the Mission’s reach is extensive.

The good news is that a greater number of people in New Orleans are
once again reconnecting with those already serving at the Mission to lend
a helping hand. They’re hearing and seeing the powerful impact of the
positive, more comprehensive reach the New Orleans Mission is having on
people to turn their lives around. But there’s very important work ahead!

Your Support will Transform Lives and Our City

The title we’ve given to this campaign is Raise the Roof at the New Orleans Mission.
 Moving forward with this project will greatly improve the New Orleans Mission’s ability to offer assistance to our city’s least
fortunate while enhancing the entire four-block area around our facility
and beyond. As we are the largest provider of homeless services located at
one of region’s busiest traffic spots, your active participation will make an
incredible impact on our city’s quality of life.
Support from donors like you gives us the resources we need to continue
to bring innovative solutions to a tough humanitarian problem