Operation Angel

Date: 14-Sep-2016

Vowing to begin treating drug addiction as a disease instead of a crime, St. Tammany Parish law enforcement leaders on Monday (May 2, 2016) unveiled their own version of a rapidly growing program that lets addicts seek help from police and turn in their drugs without fear of arrest. Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz and a host of law enforcement and government officials held a news conference on the steps of the courthouse to announce "Operation Angel."

Developed about a year ago by the Police Department in Gloucester, Mass., the program is now being used by more than 100 law enforcement agencies in 23 states, Lentz said. The agencies in St. Tammany are the first in Louisiana to participate.

Lentz said the program is designed to help people with addictions ranging from cocaine to alcohol get help. Historically, law enforcement has addressed the problem of drug addiction by simply placing the addict in jail, feeding a stigma that keeps users from seeking help.

Chief Lentz speaks about this cause frequently at CBA meetings. This event at Dakota helps benefit Operation Angel and will help get people with addictions the medical treatment they need rather than serve them with a jail sentence.

We are happy to be one of the recipient programs that the police department has joined forces with to help in this new approach to addiction.

Proceeds from this will benefit the New Orleans Mission.