Food, Shelter, Clothing

Emergency Shelter

New Orleans Mission is Louisiana’s largest provider of continuous emergency shelter services. We provide comprehensive care for men and women.

  • We provide emergency services to the community, including meals, showers, clothing, GED classes, resume building, medical, addiction and mental health counseling, business skills and refer all assistance.
  • We provide up to 700 hot meals a day. To meet the growing needs in our community this number is constantly fluctuating.
  • Shelter- each night, hundreds of men and women find warm bed and safety from the dangerous streets. We can sleep as many as 252 women and men on regular nights and as many as 400 on freeze nights.
  • Individual assessments/Counseling- each guest is assessed to determine how we can best serve the individual needs.
  • Life skills and Chapel- our staff and volunteers address a variety of areas such as substance abuse, vocational guidance, education, and financial MANAGEMENT.


20,000+ delicious, hot meals are served each month. Breakfast and lunch are served daily. Dinner is served Monday through Friday. On weekends, additional meals are provided by food donations made by churches and other organizations. Our goal is to serve three meals daily, seven days a week.


Clothing and shoes donations are organized on racks for individuals to select from bi-weekly during Day Room hours.